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PostSubject: Current Player Roster   Current Player Roster EmptyWed Dec 14, 2011 8:51 am

UHM HEY. HELLO. My name is Goat and I'm the 'admin' / 'owner' of this forum. In fact most if not all of you know me by my DeviantART handle. If you'd like to introduce yourself OOCly, please respond / reply to this post as you see fit. ^__^

My real name is Shannon - I'm a female and I'm currently eighteen as of writing this but I age again in like 6 days. Personality wise I'm pretty relaxed; it doesn't take much to get me excited about something be it a fight or a new video game. I love to draw and do artfarty stuff and one of my true passions is writing, though I'm a bit of a flake and compared to a lot of my friends my talent seems more fit for a hobbyist - I don't mind that though, it's nice to be humbled by people with real talent. ^w^

I love to RP but I don't really do it much because I exhaust -very- easily, which is why I chose a forum format for this roleplay - we all take turns and we all get a little breather before we have to go again. It's more of a chore this way some may say, but it's less time consuming, I think!

I'm very approachable - if you ever need me for -anything- my contact information is on Jeremie's [this account's] profile page. Don't be shy. I don't bite, honest. ^^
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