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PostSubject: Original Character   Original Character EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 9:51 pm

♣ Original Characters ARE allowed on this forum AFTER a certain point in the story. An announcement will be posted once this part of the story passes and all of the canon rolls necessary have been filled.

♣ Your OC cannot be related to any canon character; that's silly.

♣ Your OC cannot have a similar appearance to another canon character - tl;dr recolours are 100% not allowed.

♣ Your OC must be human on Earth as the year is 2013, not 3120; keep it as close to modern day as possible.

♣ Your OC can have no supernatural powers on Earth unless otherwise specified.

♣ Your OC cannot be an attention whoring jerk. I'm looking at you, admin. ... oh, wait. Shit.
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Original Character
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