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 Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Rules Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Roleplay Rules EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 9:34 pm

♣ You must stay in character at -all times- on the IC board. If you have something OOC to say you may close it in with brackets to show you are OOC.

♣ God modding is prohibited against other users. Proper combat etiquette is to attempt actions. Not every attack can be dodged, but not every punch will land, for example. Try to remember the other character is a player and not just a punching bag. "Treat others the way you wish to be treated" comes to mind.

♣ If a character is close to death you must ask his or her player if it is alright to deal a finishing blow. You never know who has a starring role in a future arc, and as of this stage of the story no character should be dying. Yet.

♣ Do NOT get angry at someone for their characters actions or words. Remember people, its RP. Stuff done in-character does not reflect how someone feels about you. Its like acting, you can be best friends and still roleplay mortal enemies.

♣ Power-Play [PP] permission MUST be cleared between two users before an action can be solidified between two characters. i.e To 100% punch someone in the face you need permission. This includes hero v.s. villain - don't blame me if you get your ass kicked in a counter attack because you refused to ask permission.

♣ Post length is ONE PARAGRAPH which can range anywhere from two sentences to bloody infinity.

♣ Only cleared characters may post at all on this board - once you are registered Jeremie will clear you personally - this is NOT an automated process and it is to keep random people from posting within this board.

♣ You have 24 hours to post when it becomes your turn - if you don't post within that day you will be skipped.
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Roleplay Rules
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