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 Conduct Rules

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Conduct Rules Empty
PostSubject: Conduct Rules   Conduct Rules EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 8:14 pm

♣This forum is rated R.

♣There's no need to censor your words out-of-character, but please keep yourself from getting political, religious, ect, with any other users as it can create conflict. While conflict is sometimes unavoidable, I'd like to avoid hot-button topics. Users found causing continual problems can be replaced with another user who -will- fulfil the position properly.

♣Please do not insult other members intentionally. It's rude. Stop that. *Swat.* If you have a problem with someone, take it up with an admin if it can't be resolved face-to-face. If you keep flustering other members you can be removed.

♣Do -not- let OOC issues interfere with your IC performance; it shows you're not concentrated on the RP. Repeated offences will get you replaced.

♣ No Drama! This means starting rumours, or escalating fights over personal matters in public chat/In character. This will not be tolerated & will get you booted or banned.

♣ Respect admin decisions. Admins on this forum do not act alone - they consult uninvolved parties to see what action should be taken for fear of bias.

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Conduct Rules
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