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 Jeremie Belpois [22]

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PostSubject: Jeremie Belpois [22]   Jeremie Belpois [22] EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 7:26 pm

Jeremie quietly steps out of his apartment in Sceaux, looking over at Kadic, which is only a short walk away. He takes a breath of the crisp fall air, letting it out in a long, lonely sigh as he drops down the stairs and out to the sidewalk. He quietly reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette, lighting it in the darkness of the morning. He takes a quiet drag and pockets his lighter, closing his eyes.

On queue, as it is every morning, the street lights flick on, casting an auburn glow over the streets. Jeremie sighs and adjusts his glasses, finishing his cigarette. He drops it on the ground and stomps out the ash, plucking it up anew and dropping it into the nearest trash bin.

He hasn't changed much aside from that nasty habit - he's a full grown man now, still lanky as ever, his hair grown out a shade more, enough to grow the slightest bit shaggy in the back. Still a fan of turtle-necked sweaters and khaki pants, he really looks the part of an older version of his old self.

Jeremie makes his way down the street to the academy where he now works as a part time professor in computer science. He approaches his building and shows his card to the guard outside the science wing. After a moment the burly man lets him through; Jeremie enters as the door is closed behind him. He rolls his eyes and continues his routine up the stairs to the third floor where he humbly unlocks the door to his classroom. He turns on the master computer, in turn switching all of the subordinates on with it, slipping into his chair and gazing out the only wall the classroom has with windows. As the machines warm up he frowns, pulling his Thermos of tea out of his satchel before taking a sip.

He pulls out his laptop as the computers boot, opening it as it's already on, plugging in his email. He composes a message out of boredom much like any lonely sod, sending it to the contact information he had on record of all of his old friends, somehow including William. Apparently he was that desperate for a reply.

After the message was typed he sent it out, hoping the ten-year-old emails he had were still live...
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Jeremie Belpois [22]
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