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 Krabs, Krabs, Krabs

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Krabs, Krabs, Krabs Empty
PostSubject: Krabs, Krabs, Krabs   Krabs, Krabs, Krabs EmptyMon Jun 04, 2012 3:20 am

I haven't spotted one of these yet, but I've seen that the name hasn't faded in the database; I figured it'd be better to have some information instead of none at all, in case one appears, but this information is outdated and shall remain that way until I can scan one in person.

Krabs are huge; they usually travel in packs anywhere from two to four, but exceptions have been made in the past where they are mass-produced and substituted for other monsters; in general they are rather swift when it comes to movement but quite easily overcome considering the large target on their head casing.
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Krabs, Krabs, Krabs
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